Serene Structured Saline Breast Implant

Uniquely designed saline implant with an internal structure.

Thoughtfully engineered to provide a more customized fit based on the patient’s desired needs and outcomes.

What makes the Puregraft Serene Structured Breast Implant different?

Dual Fill Chambers Ensure: A stable implant base, adjustable height and projection and upper pole fullness.

Interior Shells: Control the movement of saline, which helps minimize edge collapse, rippling and wrinkling.

Made in the U.S.A: Generation 2 technology utilizes a robotic dipping method which creates a more uniform implant shell.

No MRI or Scans required to detect implant rupture.

Pure Confidence Warranty: Provides lifetime coverage for implant replacement due to deflation or rupture.

Serene Structured Saline Breast Implant is available in a range of sizes providing options for projection & height


Reporting Forms

Forms are for Puregraft Serene Breast Implants (formerly Ideal Implant)