Founded in 2013, Bimini Health Tech is a global leader in regenerative therapies and aesthetic and reconstructive surgery markets. Backed by decades of experience, Bimini is committed to developing, acquiring, and commercializing innovative products that provide premium solutions for patients and physicians. Our portfolio includes the brands Puregraft®, Serene Breast Implants®, Dermapose®, Puregraft Essence ADM®, Healeon®, and Kerastem™ (in phase III clinical trials).  Supported by 100 patents, 20 device clearances and approvals, and over 25 scientific publications, Bimini’s products have been utilized in over 1.5 million procedures worldwide.

Mission Statement  

Improving the human experience through the power of healthcare innovation, one patient, one doctor, and one transformational product at a time. 

Our Story   

Bimini Health Tech’s dedicated focus was to pair innovative research and development with regulatory-approved, profit-producing products.  Bimini’s founders were passionate about creating opportunities within their organization that provided shareholder value through developing, acquiring, and commercializing innovative, high-quality healthcare solutions in a cost-effective and profitable manner. 

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