Standardizing Fat Transfer

In reconstructive and aesthetic medicine, fat offers a variety of advantages: It is versatile, biocompatible, and readily available.

Fat grafting has not always been widely adopted due to poor and inconsistent results using traditional gravity or centrifugation techniques. PureGraft solves this with a unique filtration system that provides consistent, reliable, and effective results. That is the PureGraft difference.

“PureGraft made me feel comfortable offering fat grafting to my patients. It resolved my concerns of safety and reliability and gave me the highest quality of fat compared to other products on the market.”

Dr. Tatsuro Kamakura, Chief Medical Officer of Seishin Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

Simple, Yet Superior

The innovative PureGraft technology features a 74-micron dialyzing filter with openings smaller than a fat adipocyte and an 800-micron support mesh that provides space for waste fluid to drain. These features work in conjunction to gently separate the lipoaspirate into viable adipose tissue while pulling aside blood, oil, and waste fluid. The result is a high concentration of healthy, viable fat cells.

With a single device, it’s quick and easy to harvest high-quality grafts.

  1. Add harvested fat
  2. Wash
  3. Drain contaminants
  4. Extract purified fat
Replay Animation
Fat Arrow for fat going into Puregraft bag
Front of Puregraft bag Small grid filter in puregraft bag Large grid filter in puregraft bag Back of Puregraft bag Arrow for superior fat coming out of Puregraft bag Superior fat coming out of Puregraft bag Arrow for contaminants coming out of Puregraft bag Contaminants coming out of Puregraft bag Arrows that point to the steps at the bottom of the bag

Superior Fat for Superior Results

PureGraft was developed by some of the world’s foremost experts in adipose science to standardize fat grafting and address the procedure’s biggest shortcomings: inconsistency and poor fat retention.

“This is the best quality fat available with ANY device on the market today, this is why we use it. The fat lasts longer and is better quality than Revolve or Microaire which then results in the best long-term results for our patients.” 

Steven Rottman, M.D. FACS, Baltimore, MD
Comparing fat viles between gravity, centrifuge, and puregraft with puregraft having the most fat vs blood

PureGraft removes more than 97% of contaminants.

Fluids, free lipids, blood cells, and other contaminants lead to poor graft retention and promote inflammation. PureGraft’s sterile, closed-system technology consistently results in exceptionally pure fat.

PureGraft increases graft viability.

Gentle, selective filtering technology minimizes damage to adipose cells and retains the regenerative properties of adipose tissue, so grafts survive. PureGraft preserves healthy, viable fat cells for predictable, gratifying results.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

Easy to Use

Intuitive design integrates seamlessly into practice workflow.


A single physician and nurse can purify 50 to 850 mL of fat in 10 to 15 minutes.


Fat remains in a closed system from harvest to transfer.

Empty puregraft bag

Efficiency by Design

Whether you want to enhance a small area like the hands or a larger area like the buttocks, there’s a PureGraft product designed for optimal efficiency with minimal waste.

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Product Capability Typical uses
PureGraft 50 bagProduct PureGraft 50 Small-volume fat transfer Face and hand rejuvenation, breast revision
PureGraft 250 bagProduct PureGraft 250 Mid-volume fat transfer Natural breast augmentation, breast reconstruction
PureGraft 850 bagProduct PureGraft 850 Large-volume fat transfer Breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift
PureGraft Boost Adipose Micronizer™

PureGraft Boost Adipose Micronizer™

PureGraft Boost is a simple-to-use, closed system for resizing fat purified with the PureGraft system. With Boost, you can generate micro and nano fat for natural volume replacement in areas like the face, hands, and breast margins and rejuvenate the appearance of areas like the neck, eyes, and lips.

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Looking for a simple, in-office solution?

Dermapose is an all-in-one device for harvesting, purifying, and microsizing fat for volumization and rejuvenation in an office setting.

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Dermapose equipment and logo

Innovating Reconstructive and Aesthetic Results

PureGraft products tap the power of the body’s own regenerative processes to benefit a range of procedures, including:

“I have used a wide variety of fat processing and decant methods over the years and I always use Puregraft for my breast cases because it’s (a) FAR more predictable intake and reduction in fat necrosis. I have been using it for 8 years.” 

Paul Ruff, M.D. FACS, Washington, DC

Anti-Aging and Aesthetics

Replace facial volume, enhance the lips, and rejuvenate the skin using purified fat and its natural regenerative properties.

Breast and Buttock Augmentation

Enhance the size and shape of the breasts and buttocks with living, autologous fat.

Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruct one or both breasts using autologous tissue, either with or without an implant. Our acellular dermal matrix (ADM) PureGraft Essence® provides additional support when indicated.

Revision Procedures

Breast enhancement, liposuction, lumpectomies, and more can be revised by correcting contour deformities with fat grafting.

Before & After Face with puregraft

Before & After Face Fat Transfer

Photos courtesy of Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler.

Before & After Buttock Augmentation with puregraft

Before & After Buttock Augmentation

Photos courtesy of Dr. Michael Hill.

Global Leaders in Fat Grafting Technology

The advantages of the PureGraft System are numerous:

  • Developed by leading experts in adipose science
  • Clinically proven high retention rates
  • Registered in over 50 countries
  • Used by 1,000+ physicians
  • Benefited hundreds of thousands of procedures
  • FDA 510(k) cleared and CE mark approved
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Are you ready for superior fat grafting technology?

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Bimini - Tapping the power of new

Tapping the power
of new

Bimini Health Tech empowers you to help patients tap their true potential. Our innovative products make fat grafting simple, effective, and predictable, leading to superior results for patients.

Developed by world leaders in adipose science for over a decade, our PureGraft filtration technology is the only fat grafting system clinically validated to improve long-term graft retention.4

Fair Balance Statement

The PureGraft System Is a Suction Lipoplasty System
The PureGraft System is indicated for use in the harvesting, filtering, and transferring of autologous fat tissue for reinjecting back into the same patient for aesthetic body contouring. It is contraindicated for intravenous applications. See the Instructions for Use that accompanies the product for important Warnings, Precautions, and Directions.

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