Make fat one of your greatest assets.

PureGraft makes fat grafting a safe, long-lasting, all-natural option for achieving what matters to you most, such as:

Anti-Aging and Aesthetics

Replace facial volume, enhance the lips, and improve skin quality using purified fat and its natural beneficial properties.

Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruct one or both breasts using autologous tissue, either with or without an implant.

Breast and Buttock Augmentation

Enhance the size and shape of the breasts and buttocks with living, autologous fat.

Revision Procedures

Breast enhancement, liposuction, lumpectomies, and more can be revised by correcting contour deformities with fat grafting.

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Fair Balance Statements

The PureGraft System Is a Suction Lipoplasty System
The PureGraft System is indicated for use in the harvesting, filtering, and transferring of autologous fat tissue for reinjecting back into the same patient for aesthetic body contouring. It is contraindicated for intravenous applications. See the Instructions for Use that accompanies the product for important Warnings, Precautions, and Directions.