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Innovation does not occur by chance; it requires a deliberate and thoughtful process that demands a focused commitment. Bimini is dedicated to creating a range of technologies specifically engineered to target various clinical challenges, aiming to become a leader in breast reconstruction through close collaboration with top physicians and surgeons. Bimini is constantly expanding its portfolio with new possibilities, providing healthcare clinicians with the tools they need to surpass the status quo and declare, 'I'M Bimini.'

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Worldwide Reach

Bimini Health Tech products are used in 50+ countries for 1.5M+ procedures around the world.


Bimini is focused exclusively on bio-therapeutics and regenerative medicine.


Bimini has a legacy of scientific rigor and superior processes.

Market Size

Bimini products address multiple billion-dollar markets.

Bimini - tapping the power of new

Bimini Brands

Sophisticated in their simplicity, solutions from Bimini empower you to enjoy transformative, clinically proven aesthetic and therapeutic benefits. Purposefully built to feature category leaders in reconstruction, aesthetic enhancement, and sports medicine, the portfolio includes PureGraft®, Dermapose®, Kerastem™, Healeon®, and Serene Breast Implant.

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Illustration of PureGraft® bag with fat inside

The gold standard in fat grafting, the PureGraft portfolio revolutionizes reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. Through a proprietary, easy-to-use adipose filtration system, PureGraft helps you attain what matters most—predictable, long-lasting results.

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Dermapose injector on stand

Dermapose is a simple, office-based system that standardizes harvesting, purifying, sizing, and injecting micro fat as a natural alternative to synthetic dermal fillers.

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Healeon viles

Healeon products make it easier to harvest, process, and concentrate an array of autologous cell composites, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), for a variety of applications.

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Illustration of where Kerastem is added on top of head

Kerastem hair therapy, currently undergoing clinical trials (not available in the U.S.) uses the regenerative properties of stem cells harvested from the patient's own fat tissue to treat early hair loss in a quick office procedure.

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Bimini - Transforming the me they see

A Range of Solutions

Bimini harnesses the power of a highly purposeful approach to innovation. Beginning with a specific challenge, the company engineers multiple solutions, each targeting a clinical need while elevating the overall experience for both physician and patient.

“Simply put, there is no more elegant, reliable, and reproducible way to harvest, clean, separate and transfer fat grafts than PureGraft!”

Dr. RL Berkowitz, San Jose, CA
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Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Unique. Proven. Reliable and predictable. Solutions from Bimini offer surgeons the genuine alternatives they need to better meet the clinical needs of today's patients.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Bimini’s products use the body’s own gifts to naturally enhance the skin, face, back of the hands, and scalp.

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Pure, viable autologous adipose tissue and blood products benefit the body while eliminating the need for donor matching.

Trusted Partners

Bimini Health Tech is trusted partners of Crown Aesthetics, Arthrex, Genesis Biologics, GC Aesthetics, and Bausch Health

Trusted Partners

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