Pure, Perfectly Sized Fat

The PureGraft® filtering system creates pure, viable fat ready for a variety of uses. However, many applications call for refined fat in various size aliquots and viscosities. PureGraft Boost gently produces uniform, multi-sized, healthy adipose tissue that can be utilized where small injection needles or cannulas are desired, including:

  • Restoring volume: Fat is a natural, abundant, safe (autologous), and long-lasting filter that augments and provides structural support.
  • May improve skin quality: Resized adipose tissue may help improve skin firmness and texture.

“(Fat when sized with Boost) flows so smoothly and allows me to deposit in tear trough so easily, where I wouldn’t have been able to before.”

Guy Cappuccino, M.D., FACS, Mount Airy, MD 

Simple, Yet Superior

PureGraft Boost features a proprietary dual blade that fragments tissue prior to passing it through the precisely engineered diamond-cut screens. These screens, available in 1500-, 1000-, and 500-micron sizes, are used to refine adipose clusters into microfat, millifat, and nanofat. Individual fat cells remain intact during the resizing process for optimal viability.

“The PureGraft (Boost) Adipose Micronizer... Refines areas where you need regeneration more than volume. Necks, eyes, radiated breast tissue. It is now my go to device.”

Louis P. Bucky, M.D., FACS, Philadelphia, PA

Advantages Over Other Fat Resizing Methods


Fat may be resized into micro, milli, or nanofat with just 1 pass between 1 set of syringes.


Fat and stem cells remain viable and undamaged with Boost’s atraumatic dissection technology.


Single-use design eliminates the need for cleaning and sterilization.

Innovating Reconstructive & Aesthetic Results

PureGraft products tap the power of the body’s own natural processes to expand the possibilities of a variety of procedures:

Volume Replacement

Microfat can smooth away wrinkles and folds around the mouth and eyes and restore fullness to areas like the cheeks, temples, tear troughs, and backs of the hands.

Lip Enhancement

Silky-smooth microfat moves naturally with the lips while adding volume and definition.

Breast Enhancement

Microfat can conceal biopsy deformities and breast implant edges. It can also enhance areas such as the cleavage and upper breast.

Before and after photo of woman who received Puregraft fat grafting in her under eye area

Before & After Under Eye Rejuvenation

Photos courtesy of Dr. Jason Bloom.

Before and after photo of woman who received Puregraft fat grafting on her under eye

Before & After Under Eye Rejuvenation

Photos courtesy of Dr. Jason Bloom.

Are you ready for superior fat resizing?


Global Leaders in Fat Grafting Technology

PureGraft products, including PureGraft Boost, are leading the advancement of fat grafting technology due to the many advantages they offer you:

  • Clinically proven high retention rates
  • Registered in over 50 countries
  • Used by 1,000+ physicians
  • Benefited hundreds of thousands of procedures
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Bimini - Tapping the power of new

Tapping the power
of new

Bimini Health Tech empowers clinicians to help patients tap their true potential. Our innovative products make fat grafting simple, effective, and predictable. The PureGraft Boost adipose micronizer complements PureGraft filtration technology, developed by world leaders in adipose technology, and amplifies the possibilities of what you can do with purified fat.

Fair Balance Statement

PureGraft Boost™ Is an Adipose Micronizer.
PureGraft Boost™ Adipose Micronizer is a proprietary, patented single-use device designed to uniformly size harvested adipose tissue. See the Instructions for Use that accompanies the product for important Warnings, Precautions, and Directions.