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Puregraft, a Bimini Health Tech company, leader in the development and commercialization of autologous fat (adipose) grafting systems, is launching a campaign designed to provide information and support for patients considering breast reconstruction and the surgeons who perform the procedures, designed to improve patient outcomes and increase treatment option awareness regarding reconstruction utilizing fat grafts.  Breast reconstruction with fat grafting is the harvesting and transferring of adipose tissue (or body fat) from one area of the body to the breast, to help restore natural shape and contour.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in 2019, over 107,238 women underwent implant or autologous flap breast reconstruction following a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, up 36% from 2000.  While many patients are understandably focused on the impact of their diagnosis and immediate care, reconstructive options should be reviewed early on, and be considered an integral part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Fat grafting to the breast is a safe and natural reconstructive option, gaining significant popularity with surgeons and patients.  This method uses the patient’s own adipose on the reconstructed breast.  Fat grafting reshapes contour defects, created by mastectomy or lumpectomy (partial breast removal), and helps to support and soften the layer under the skin; improving the overall cosmetic result of the reconstruction.  Patients considering a more natural approach or who may not be a candidate for reconstruction using synthetic implants now have a new, natural option.

Success of the graft depends completely on the quality of the fat graft itself.  Puregraft’s advanced technology simplifies the process for the physician and provides patients with predictable reconstructive outcomes and offers proven long-term graft retention due to its proprietary filtration technology.  Through selectively removing 97% of the contaminants from the adipose graft material, the patented process preserves the structural integrity and regenerative properties of the patient’s tissue, which provides optimal graft success.

“With trends shifting towards more natural approaches to breast reconstruction, the demand for the purest fat grafts has increased.  Puregraft fulfills this need, and it provides the patient with the assurance that the graft she is receiving is 100% natural, and has a very high retention rate.  We are proud to support breast cancer patients and survivors, and the surgeons doing this important work.  We will be announcing additional initiatives in the coming months to continue and grow this awareness and support,” says Jeff Greiner, Chief Commercial Officer for Bimini Health Tech.  “Our commitment is to the patient and the physician, and their trust in Puregraft.”

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