Dianne Martin


Ms. Martin joined Bimini Health Tech in 2022 as Vice President, Marketing. Prior to joining Bimini, she held senior-level marketing leadership positions in multiple category-defining companies, where she helped to create and guide strategic growth and executional initiatives for well-known brands and technologies that continue to transform aesthetic medicine to this day.

During her years in the industry, Ms. Martin was consistently recruited into sales and marketing leadership positions with increasing levels of staff and revenue responsibility. Ms. Martin helped to guide commercial efforts that positioned organizations for a variety of market-shaping events, including buyouts, strategic mergers, and initial public offerings.

Active in multiple industry organizations, Ms. Martin is a member of the board of BRAVE, an organization committed to helping cancer patients advocate so that they receive the highest levels of care to which they are entitled.

Ms. Martin earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, as well as a complementary Master of Sciences degree.

With Bimini Health Tech since 2022